Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1977, at the age of 4 years old, Jan has lived “gluten-free” for literally as long as she can remember. After a first career as a music educator in Canada and around the world, Jan re-trained for a second career in nutrition (via the Nutritional Therapy Association), autoimmune wellness coaching (via the Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach programme) and the culinary arts (via the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts) after clean, mindful eating and a more well-balanced lifestyle rehabilitated her own chronic illness. Jan will relocate with her family to the South of France as of the summer of 2018 where she intends to…

  • consult in the field of Nutritional Therapy
  • offer cooking and lifestyle classes for adults interested in nutrition and well-being
  • offer cooking and nutrition classes to initiate children to the basics of food preparation and healthy eating
  • collaborate to open a nutrition-based, allergy-friendly café that can serve as a ‘hub’ for people – young and old – who are interested in the pursuit of well-being
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