AIP Retreat
in the
South of France

1900 € per participant,
plus accommodation costs*

which includes…

7 days / 6 nights in a private or shared room with private or shared bathroom

* Accommodation costs vary from 210€ – 280€ for the week, depending on your choice of bed and sharing status

all meals AIP (100% elimination-phase compliant)

individual nutritional assessment

6 hours of small-group coaching

6 hours of cooking workshops

unlimited access to the garden, the pool, the river...

gentle physical activities for all levels

walks in the village, yoga, cycling, gardening, etc

The project

It is entirely possible to live well despite an auto-immune condition.  You do, however, have to know how to manage your vulnerabilites.  We should know… we manage our own auto-immune disease(s)!

We are Jaime Hartman (yoga instructor) and Jan Steele (Nutritional Therapy Consultant and cooking instructor).  We are AIP Certified Coaches, working every day with people who want to adopt (or better adhere to) the Auto-Immune Protocol or “AIP”.

Today more than ever, the state of your health matters !

Come and learn to put well-being — (despite your auto-immune disease) — at the top of your list of priorities.

Whether you’re in a full-on flare, or have been living (as best you can) with an auto-immune disease for years, come and spend a week with us in the South of France.  Together, we’ll guide you through a wide variety of preventative habits and actions that make auto-immune wellness possible.

What does an “AIP Retreat” include ?

6 nights

…in a comfortable private or shared B&B room with bathroom and shower.


…naturally, from walking to yoga. 
The goal is to encourage
lymph circulation and optimize detoxification.

All meals

…100% elimination-phase compliant,
and prepared by a trained chef.

Relevant workshops & wellness sessions

Mindfulness, self-care,
letting go, the breath…
as well as individual wellness sessions
like massage and infra-red sauna.

Unlimited access to the yard

…and its hammocks, swimming pool, garden, donkeys…

Cooking classes

…so you can organize your kitchen
and continue to adhere to the protocol,
even once you’ve headed back home.


Come and reconnect… to your own body’s needs, to others, and to the natural world.  Our house is ideally situated in the South of France, at the very end of a small town called Cros.  (Nearest cities with train stations / airports are Montpellier and Nîmes.).

A small creek traverses our more than 7-acre yard with its fruit and chestnut trees, and a more than 100-yr-old Lebanese Cedar.  You will be housed in one of three comfortable bedrooms with private bathroom, each decorated in reminder of the owners’ travels through Canada, Lebanon, and Pakistan.



Your “chef de table” and cooking instructor is Jan Steele.  Owner of the B&B, Jan has lived in the region for several years already, and takes great pride in sourcing local regional products to ensure maximum nutrient-density and flavour.

A graduate of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts as well as the Nutritional Therapy Association, Jan is an AIP Certified Coach and lifelong Celiac.  She is well-versed in the Auto-Immune Protocol and will provide 100% elimination-phase-compliant meals.

Are you ready to make health
your number 1 priority ?

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