What exactly is

Autoimmune Disease?

Addison’s Disease
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Celiac Disease
Crohn’s Disease

Graves Disease
Guillain Barré Syndrome
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
Lichen Sclerosis
Lyme Disease

Ménière’s Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Raynaud’s Syndrome
Restless Leg Syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sjogren’s Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
…and many,
many more.

Autoimmune disease affects women more than men; approximately 75% of autoimmune patients are female.

There are more than 100 different confirmed autoimmune disease, and many other diseases are suspected to have an autoimmune component.

Having one autoimmune disease puts you at greater risk for developing other autoimmune diseases.

On average, people spend more than 4 years (and see up to 5 different doctors) in pursuit of an autoimmune diagnosis.

Diagnosing autoimmune disease is tricky, because many of the initial symptoms present as signs that can easily be dismissed.

Autoimmune disease is caused by a corruption of the immune system.  The immune system (which is supposed to protect us against invading microorganisms), targets bodily proteins instead, treating them with the same  force as it would a virus, bacteria, or parasite.

Antibodies are an essential part of the immune system, that recognize specific proteins in foreign cells.  Antibodies then bind to these proteins, signalling to immune system cells that these proteins are “intruders” that need to be dealt with.

In the case of autoimmune disease, the body accidentally creates antibodies that identify as intruders not only foreign proteins, but also the body’s own proteins.  (These are now called auto-antibodies, or antibodies that target ‘self’.)

The formation of antibodies to the body’s own tissues is one of the first steps in the development of autoimmune disease.

Conventional medicine offers no cure for autoimmune disease; treatment is based solely on symptom management.

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