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Is there a question that we've not yet answered about AIP RETREATS in the SOUTH OF FRANCE?
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AIP  Retreat in the South of France

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in France are you located?

La Goose is located in a very small town called Cros (30170), an approximately one-hour drive north of Nîmes and Montpellier.

How would I get to La Goose?

When coming from Canada or the US, you will first fly to Charles de Gaulles International Airport in Paris. From there, you will transfer to the Gare de Lyon and take a 3-hr TGV to Nîmes where I will pick you up and bring you directly to La Goose. 

NB Rita Perez is a Certified Travel Advisor based in Florida.  She is an avid supporter of various travel-related AIP projects around the world (including the AIP Cruise).  Should you need assistance booking your travel to France, please get in touch with her directly.

When coming from the UK, you have two options:
– you can fly to Paris and subsequently take the train to Nîmes where I will pick you directly to La Goose…
– or you can fly directly to Montpellier International Airport, where I can pick you up and bring you directly to La Goose.

Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?

You are responsible for all of your own travel costs and arrangements. That said, Rita Perez is a Certified Travel Advisor based in Florida who is an avid supporter of various travel-related AIP projects around the world (including the AIP Cruise).  Should you need assistance booking your travel to France, please get in touch with her directly.

When would I need to arrive/leave?

The retreat is planned to allow you ample travel time both before and after the retreat such that you should only be away from home for one week. Ideally, you would be picked up in either Nîmes or Montpellier on the Sunday prior to your retreat. If you need to arrive earlier (or leave later), please get in touch with me directly.

Can I arrive early to avoid being overly jet-lagged?

You are of course able to arrive before the retreat begins. Please just get in touch to discuss the room and board costs in that case.

My return flight is not until Sunday. Could I stay an extra night after the retreat, before heading back to Paris?

You are of course able to stay on after the retreat ends. Please just get in touch to discuss the room and board costs in that case.

Can I attend with a friend or partner?

We would love for you to attend with a companion who is equally committed to the project of auto-immune wellness. That said, we also recognize the value of entirely new experiences. Food culture is a powerful force, and it is sometimes only when we are required to function entirely outside of our norm (ie with no witnesses from our previous one!) that we allow ourselves to stretch to the best of our ability.

Friends and spouses are incredibly important in all of our lives, but their influence in the context of a retreat such as this can sometimes be a hindrance to full engagement. Finally, the retreat is set up such that every participant is allotted a single bed in a shared bedroom.  If you were to come with a companion, we would nonetheless hope that any other roommates not be made to feel excluded.

What do I need to do to prepare for the retreat?

Registered participants will receive a number of emails offering things to think about (as well as online tasks to complete) in the lead-up to retreat dates. Advice will include tips to ensure that your retreat is as fulfilling as possible — (ie minimizing coffee and sugar intake in the run-up to the retreat, so as to avoid withdrawal symptoms while you’re here.) — as well as different assessments that each coach may want to have you fill out so as to be better able to provide individualized advice to you when you do arrive.

Will there be any support available after the retreat?

Each of my co-hosts works remotely with clients. They will be more than happy to discuss support packages that will be available to you once the retreat has concluded.

What if I have extra sensitivities, beyond the AIP elimination diet? Can you cater to additional dietary restrictions, e.g. low fodmap?

I will of course take great care to ensure that all of your food sensitivities are respected. That said, my goal is to provide you with high nutrient-density at every meal… and that will simply not be possible if the lists foods that you are able / willing to consume is shorter than the list of foods that you are unable / unwilling to consume.

The AIP is already a very restrictive diet… but it meant to be so only for a time. As an AIP Certified Coach, I am sensitive to orthorexic tendencies, and would not want to contribute to any unnecessary restricting of your diet.

What if I’m vegetarian / vegan ?

My goal is to provide you with high nutrient-density at every meal. Accordingly, my dishes spotlight a wide variety of vegetables, but animal products are also among the ingredients that I employ.  Accordingly, I am unable to provide fully vegetarian nor vegan meals during the AIP Retreat in the South of France at this time.

What if I need / want to consume something that is not AIP?

Listen… We are all adults, and you alone are responsible for what goes into your mouth. If, at any point during the retreat, you feel like you are in need / want of something that is not otherwise being served, please speak to me about it in private. I’ll do my best to find a solution.

Because there is no such thing as the AIP police. 😉

What if I need a lot of sleep?

Then you will have come to the right place! One of the main pillars of autoimmune wellness is sleep, and we will be encouraging you to enjoy long nights of restorative sleep, as well as daytimes naps, if that is something that you enjoy.

What if I am uncomfortable with sharing a bathroom?

Each bedroom houses either 3 or 4 participants who will share a shower and bathroom. That said, there is also a bathroom outside of the kitchen which is available to you at any time, if you prefer not to share the bathroom in your bedroom when others are there.

I have tried AIP before and found it too hard, or haven't tried because it seems too hard.

Then this is the retreat for you! The AIP is hard! Any kind of change is hard! But we’ve been through it as well. We’ve tried it on ourselves… we’ve appreciated the results that it has procured in our own bodies… and we’ve gone on to study the science and method of it. Let us share all of our tips with you, so that you too can see if it’s a tool that will benefit your body.

How will this help once I get back home to normal life?

The AIP Retreat in the South of France is, first and foremost, an opportunity to feel for yourself whether or not the AIP can be a tool for you, as you manage your auto-immune disease.
But that’s not all! While, at first, your role will be simply to rest and experience the AIP… very quickly, you will also be invited into the kitchen to learn how to maintain this diet and lifestyle on your own.

That, plus all of the various lifestyle reflections and activities that my co-hosts will lead you through will surely yield numerous ideas in terms of applying this new way of life to your home situation.

Will there be any medical supervision?

As AIP Certified Coaches, we are not medical practitioners. Please discuss the idea of the AIP Retreat in the South of France with your doctor, if you are unsure as to whether it is appropriate for you.

What if I get Covid during the retreat, and can’t participate in the retreat ?

We are living in the time of Covid, and so must make every effort — collective and individual — to minimize its effects on peoples’ lives.  Should you contract the Corona Virus during your travels, we will ensure that you are isolated and cared for throughout the rest of your stay.  Unfortunately, however, if your stay has begun, we will be unable to reimburse you for the cost of the Retreat.  See the Terms & Conditions for full details.

Will my phone work at La Goose?

La Goose is equipped with Wi-Fi.  If you are arriving from outside of Europe, you may want to consider purchasing an extra phone package and/or SIM card that is compatible with French telecommunication systems.

What will happen if I am in a flare at the time of the retreat?

If, at any point during the retreat, you are feeling unwell, you will be afforded time and space to rest and recuperate.  The AIP is meant to be a tool for healing, so we will of course also do anything that we can to alleviate any discomfort.  (Spoiler alert:  we manage our own flares all the time as well, so we may well have an idea that you had not yet tried.)

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AIP Retreat in the South of France

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