Gluten-Free Living


Harnessing the power of real food, to feel better.
For the health-conscious,
with or without food sensitivities.


Are you constantly fatigued?
Is your digestion on the fritz?
Do you have a “wheat belly”?
Are you bloated after every meal?
Were you just diagnosed with Celiac Disease?
This 3-month programme is for you!



…but full of thought

Although the gluten-free diet is  more common today than when I adopted it back in 1977, in some ways it’s all the harder to navigate.  Why?  Because there are more options… and options require choice… and choice requires decision-making.  So how do we decide what to eat?  Do we just replace our ‘regular’ bread with a GF version from the health food store (at 6€ a loaf)?  Do we swear off breads completely?  What about sauces?  What about desserts?  What about snacks?  What about breakfast?

This 3-month programme is a week-by-week guide to transitioning to the gluten-free diet with thoughtfulness.  It entails…
– weekly conversations (via telephone or the internet)
– printed resources
– a wealth of recipes for every meal, snack, dessert
– product recommendations
– and more

You’ll receive lists of safe ingredients and ingredients to avoid, a thorough discussion of the risks of cross-contamination, tips for adapting gluten-free living to a family context, advice for transitioning children to gluten-free diet, coping strategies in case of accidental ingestion, and more.

Contact me to get started!

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Ce programme est aussi disponible en français.  Pour plus de détails…