Health issues may be common,
but they are NOT NORMAL!

Too often,  we get used to certain health issues,
thinking that they are normal for us… acne, reflux, hay fever.
But all of these symptoms can actually result from
a mismatch between our diet and lifestyle and our bodily needs.

What issues are you dealing with in your body?

Digestive Issues (reflux, bloating, gassiness, diarrhea, constipation)

Too often undiscussed for the sake of ‘manners’, digestive discomforts are common occurences for many of us.  In many cases, the issue can be understood (and remedied!) by taking a closer look at optimal digestive function.
Common root causes for digestive issues are low stomach-acid, poor diet,
food sensitivities, or gut-bacteria imbalances.

Food Sensitivities

Food allergies and intolerances seem more and more common. 
But why should that be?
Learn how to distinguish reactions stemming from food sensitivities (allergies, intolerances, histamine issues) from digestive issues.
Determine which food (or food group)
is the culprit …and whether the situation is temporary or permanent.

Fatigue and/or Unstable Energy

Do you wake up feeling tired?  Are you unable to start the day without caffeine?  Do you rely on snacks to maintain your energy levels between meals?
Modern life can be exhausting,
but our diet and lifestyle choices sometimes wear us out unnecessarily.
Learn to make appropriate food choices
so as to balance your blood sugar,
and ‘tweak’ your lifestyle
so as to favour quality sleep.
Boundless energy can result!

Still have questions?

Is Nutritional Therapy for you?  Together,
let's take a close look at how, what,
and when you're eating, as well as
any symptoms that you may be experiencing. 
Can any connections be made? 
What can we "tweak"?

Contact me to schedule a complimentary "discovery call."
Together, we'll figure out whether my skills
and experience might be of use to you.