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The information included on this website is for educational purposes only—it is in no way intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing any kind of symptom, or suffer from a medical condition, you must seek and comply with treatment as prescribed by your medical doctor.

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The information and opinions expressed on this website, including blog posts, recordings, videos, programs, and books, are intended for informational purposes only. Access to this material does not imply status as a “client” of Jan Steele.  Accordingly, Jan Steele cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect harm resulting from the use, application, or interpretation of the information and materials presented on this website.


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Toute information fournie sur le site est offerte dans un but pédagogique.  Le site a pour vocation de vulgariser et rendre plus accessibles des informations dans les domaines de la nutrition et du bien être. Ces informations sont destinées à améliorer et non à remplacer la relation qui existe entre le lecteur du site et son médecin. Ce site n’a pas pour mission de remplacer ni conseils, ni avis médicaux, ni traitements, ni diagnostics, ni jugements proposés par les professionnels de la Santé.






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