Nutritional Therapy

Harnessing the power of real food, to feel better

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Still largely unknown in France and in Europe, Nutritional Therapy is an approach that aims to take you from your current reality, to a feeling of measurable wellness, through adjustments in diet and lifestyle.  If we have three opportunities each day to either strengthen or worsen the state of our health — (ie breakfast, lunch, and dinner) — Nutritional Therapy is a means by which to maximize the benefits of the foods that we consume, while minimizing any and all risks**.

** Many foods are recognized as being more or less allergenic… more or less inflammatory… more or less digestible… and each person can react differently to any given food.  The job is therefore to identify those foods that will do more good than harm to your body.

Together, we analyze your current diet and the symptoms that you are experiencing, with an eye to identifying potential cause / effect relationships. Throughout our time together, we discuss the ins and outs of optimal digestion, the overarching macro- and micro-nutrient needs of every human body, as well as symptoms that may be specific to your diagnosis.  If you experience food senstivities, we’ll try to figure out why.  If you have an autoimmune disease, we’ll figure out how to help you best manage it through diet and lifestyle, so as to minimize any need for medication.  The broad-scale goal is ensuring that diet and lifestyle are not worsening your health but, rather, providing your body with everything that it needs.

Are you experiencing…

  • digestive issues?
  • inexplicable fatigue?  unstable energy levels?

Do you suspect food sensitivities?
Are you looking to adopt a gluten-free, Paleo, or AIP diet?

Let me help!  I would be very happy to help you harness
the power of real food, to feel better.

 Still have questions?

Do you like the idea of working with someone
— especially with someone who has personal experience
with all of these diets and issues — but you’re not yet sure if we’re a perfect fit?  Contact me!  We’ll schedule a complimentary “Discovery” call so as to figure out whether my knowledge and experience might be useful to you.