The Paleo Lifestyle


Harnessing the power of real food, to feel better.
For the health-conscious,
with or without food sensitivities.


Do your energy levels fluctuate?
Do you wake up tired?
Are the demands of modern life taking a toll on your well-being?

Do you have skin issues like acne and/or excema?
Do you wonder if your diet and lifestyle are appropriate for you?
Are you curious about the Paleo lifestyle and want to try it?
This 3-month programme is for you!

Paleo living…
…it’s not (just) about food

The Paleo lifestyle has sparked both interest and controversy over the past 10 years.  Based on evolutionary biology and the needs of humans as “natural beings” — that is, beings in and of nature, the Paleo lifestyle addresses diet of course, but also movement, exposure to the outdoors, sleep, stress, community, and more.

This 3-month programme is a week-by-week guide to transitioning to the paleo lifestyle with thoughtfulness
It entails…
– weekly conversations (via telephone or the internet)
– printed resources
– a wealth of recipes for every meal, snack, dessert
– product recommendations
– and more

You’ll receive handy lists of compliant ingredients and ingredients to avoid (as well as the rationale as to why this or that food group is excluded), discussions about sleep, ideas for stress management, the principles of natural movement, tips for adapting paleo living to a family context, and more.

Contact me to get started!

Info at 06 40 46 86 39 or

Ce programme est aussi disponible en français.  Pour plus de détails…