Restoration Break in the French Countryside

Whether you’re in a full-on flare, or have been living (as best you can) with chronic illness for years,
come and spend a week with AIP Coaches
in the South of France.  A Restoration Break will set you up to re-discover auto-immune wellness.

La Goose, Cros (FRANCE)

Today more than ever,
the state of your health matters!

My name is Jan Steele, and I am the owner and operator of La Goose — a 100% gluten-free Bed & Breakfast in the South of France.  As a trained chef and lifelong Celiac, it will be my pleasure to welcome you to the South of France and ensure that your dietary needs are met.

Each year, I partner with other AIP Certified Coaches, each with her own area of expertise.  Together, we guide you through at least FIVE FULL DAYS of the strict elimination diet, as well as a wide variety of preventative habits and actions that promise to make auto-immune wellness more possible for you.

Retreats run in April, May, and September, and each retreat spotlights the skills and expertise of a different AIP Certified Coach co-host.
Be sure to choose the offering that best suits your needs.

Come and learn to put well-being
— (despite your auto-immune disease) —
at the top of your list of priorities.

Small Steps to Self Care


If you are looking for highly individualized support in finding the path that will take you from where you are now… to where you would rather be, then this is the retreat for you. 

Small steps are really the only way to begin a journey.  Come and learn to identify the ones that will work best for you.

Joyful, Active AIP


Are you looking for a joyous holiday, that is also an investment in your health ?
Come and join a truly diverse community of women.  Together, we’ll re-connect with nature, share experiences, move our body for fun (as much as for fitness), relax via massage and infra-red saunas, and simply benefit from an AIP elimination-phase « re-boot ».

Jamie and I will do the work to ensure that you’re following the protocol.  You just come and enjoy yourself in a supportive and multi-cultural group.

What does a Restoration Break include?

6 nights

…in a comfortable single bed, in a shared B&B bedroom with bathroom and shower.

Movement opportunities

…naturally, from walking to yoga.
The goal is to encourage
lymph circulation and optimize detoxification.

All meals

…100% elimination-phase compliant,
and prepared by a trained chef.

Relevant workshops & wellness sessions

Wellness sessions like massage and
infra-red sauna, as well as a programme of activities planned by one of my excellent co-hosts.

Unlimited access to the yard

…and its seating areas, hammocks, chickens, donkeys…

Cooking classes

…so you can organize your kitchen
and continue to adhere to the protocol,
even once you’ve headed back home.


Come and reconnect… to your own body’s needs, to others, and to the natural world.  Our Bed & Breakfast is situated in the South of France, at the very end of a small town called Cros.

You will be assigned a single bed within a comfortable shared bedroom / bathroom for 3 or 4 participants.  Meals are served outside, under the pergola.

On our property, a small creek flows among hammocks and benches.  Chickens run free in the garden all day, and from across the creek, our donkeys will call to you with a friendly “hee-haw”.  Forest walks abound, as do spots by the river to wade, re-ground, or just reconnect to the natural world.



Your “chef de table” and cooking instructor is Jan Steele.  Owner of the B&B, Jan has lived in the region for several years already, and takes great pride in sourcing local regional products to ensure maximum nutrient-density and flavour.

A graduate of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts as well as the Nutritional Therapy Association, Jan is an AIP Certified Coach and lifelong Celiac.  She is well-versed in the Auto-Immune Protocol and will provide 100% elimination-phase-compliant meals.