One of my favourite recipes…

To keep you busy until you’re able to visit me in the Teaching Kitchen,
try this gluten-free / dairy-free, Paleo, and/or AIP recipe that is part of my weekly repertoire.

Seafood Pesto Zoodles

– Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free / Paleo / AIP –

Did you know that seafood actually counts as organ meat? 
Given that we often eat the whole animal, seafoods are often among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.  So eat up!


2 medium zucchinis:
– spiralized to make spaghetti noodles, or
– cut into small rectangles of equal size

400g mixed seafood, frozen

For the Pesto

1-2 bunches of leafy greens (radish leaves ; beet leaves ; spinach ; wild edibles ; ? )
1-2 bunches of basil
4 cloves of garlic, degermed
1-2 can(s) anchovies (in olive oil)
80ml olive oil
sea salt


    • Prepare your pesto, by blending all of the ingredients in a blender.  Set aside.
    • Prepare your “zoodles”
    • In a large frying pan, set 1 Tbsp olive oil to medium heat.  Add the seafood mixture and a small amount of water and cover.
    • Once your seafood has thawed and begun to brown, add your “zoodles” and mix well.  Don’t overcook; the goal is to just sear the zucchini.
    • Once the zucchini is seared and warmed through, pour your pesto in and mix well until everything is combined and steaming.
    • Plate immediately and enjoy!

    On completion of cooking school in 2018,
    Jan Steele (aka La Goose) relocated to the beautiful Cévenne mountains in the South of France.  In the kitchen of her  18th c. stone house, she helps people to adopt (or better adhere to) a gluten-free, Paleo, or AIP diet.   Jan is also the producer of the podcast « Bien vivre, sans gluten, en France. »